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Cybele Sack

“When I heard about Rise, I was very excited about participating in the journey of youth who’ve had challenging experiences and are building from a place of resilience,” says Cybele Sack, senior content strategist, researcher, social innovation consultant, and Rise volunteer. “I love supporting young people to achieve their dreams.”

One such young person is Becca Meadows, founder of Sadelmager Design House, creating durable, fashionable and sustainable custom leather apparel.

Cybele was connected with Becca as a mentor after the leatherwork designer completed the Rise EnterpRISEing Youth Plus Program (EY+) and qualified for a microloan.

But that’s not where her Rise journey began. Initially Cybele was a guest speaker, invited to share her story and answer questions from Rise clients. Then, she signed on as a volunteer coach and supported a cohort of young entrepreneurs through EY+.

Most recently, she’s taken on the aforementioned role of mentor, and to great effect.

Becca says that the most important part of her Rise experience has been the personal and professional mentorship that she’s received.

Cybele says much of her support is about adapting to an entrepreneur’s needs and meeting them where they are.

“I think what I do to help is provide frameworks to identify the barriers that the entrepreneurs are experiencing and to transform them into opportunities,” she says. “Sometimes these barriers can be self-doubt or uncertainty about which goal to pursue; and sometimes the barriers are unanswered questions that the entrepreneur isn’t sure how to ask.

“Framing a good question is the first step to finding a good answer.”

OK, how’s this: Are volunteers like Cybele Sack an invaluable part of the Rise community?

Yes, they certainly are.