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Dealing with challenges in the mentoring relationship

In working entrepreneurs with a history of mental health and addiction challenges you will face challenges that are universal to business mentoring and others that are more specific to their past experiences. As you help the entrepreneur grow both their business and themselves, you will be most effective if you remember these key points.

  1. Maintain awareness that your communication style may be different from your mentee’s, and give your mentee the benefit of the doubt when differences arise during your mentoring relationship.
  2. Make every effort to keep in mind that your mentee may have limited experiences with business professionals.
  3. Reinforce your mentee’s strengths but be honest about the limitations or difficulties which you see in their business. This can help your mentee learn to manage priorities, capacity and resources.
  4. Remember that your mentee’s actions and reactions are only marginally based on what is currently happening. Most of our reactions are based on the past, including the circumstances of our education, professional and life experiences.
  5. If you notice that your mentee is showing signs that may be consistent with a mental health crisis, you may choose to speak to them about it. Use facts about what you’ve observed to express your concern in a non-judgemental way.

And remember you may always contact Rise staff for assistance; seek help and advice when you need it