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Loan Review Committee members review loan application proposals and assess the viability of the business.. Your expert recommendations will be used to contribute to financing decisions and approvals.

Make a difference

 This is your chance to help fight stigma while giving back in your community.

When you join our Loan Review Committee, you become a catalyst for helping people who experience mental health and addiction challenges and have had difficulty accessing traditional financing to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

What do I have to do?

Rise Loan Review Committee members commit to their role (48-96 hours annually). Of that commitment, you will spend 2 to 4 hours per month reviewing loan applications, then participate in a monthly meeting (2 to 4 hours), either in-person or via conference call, to make your expert recommendations. It’s a few hours a month that will make a big impact in many people’s lives.

Join us for a minimum of one year and see the difference you can make!

Please note: We are not actively recruiting volunteers for the Loan Review Committee at this time. Recruitment is based on organizational need. If you are interested in joining our Loan Review Committee, please fill out the application and we will reach out when opportunities arise.



  • Kathleen Coulson

    Executive Director, Rotman Capital Markets Institute & Rise Loan Review Committee member (2011-2021)

  • “[It’s] very simple. Rise clients are being given a hand up not a handout to start a business that is sustainable and it’s very uplifting to see them succeed.”