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Mentorship's Role in Fighting Mental Health Stigma

First Be aware of the Stigma

Over centuries stigma has come to mean a mark or brand on ones reputation. Many Rise clients lived in fear of “being found out” because they were afraid of how stigma about their illness or addiction would affect their work and personal lives. These individuals often keep silent as a matter of self-preservation, going untreated, remaining isolated and unhealthy.

Rise mentors overcome societal stigmas

Being a mentor offers individuals the support they need to complete the final phase of the journey towards the life they want.

  • Creating meaningful employment is empowering.
  • Beating poverty is empowering.
  • Having someone believe in you is empowering.

Did you know 1 of 5 entrepreneurs will still be in business after 5 years with the support of a Mentor?

Often clients will report an increase in self-confidence as a result of the process of becoming an entrepreneur. Self-confidence is proven to improve social circles and relationships. People who have meaningful employment, live above the poverty line, have strong personal relationships and possess self-confidence are healthy. So healthy in fact that they will often come forward and announce to the world what they have overcome. Breaking the silence gives these individuals the strength to reach out for help and the circle of healing begins again.

Mentors are a very important cog in this ever turning wheel. Without mentors, the wheel of recovery just won’t turn.