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Selina Rose

Selina Rose is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, yoga teacher and author in Ottawa, Ontario. She has run her wellness business, Selina Rose, for five years, her Eats & Asana nutrition-yoga program for four, and published her cookbook “Everyday Eats: Uncomplicated Recipes for Time-Starved Healthy Eaters” last spring.

Struggling with an eating disorder for several years, Selina sought help in her early 20s. Her recovery was guided by many physicians, but she continued feeling ill – prompting her to take a keen interest in nutrition. Aided by a naturopathic doctor, Selina discovered a gluten intolerance and her life changed.

Rising Up

Through natural health, holistic healing and yoga, she finally felt “at home” in her body. She studied in these areas, became registered, and is now devoted to sharing with others what she has learned about healing and managing stress through diet and lifestyle.

“My clients inspire me every day as I watch their health improve and they take on goals they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise,” Selina says. “Their transformations amaze me.”

Her nutrition-yoga group program allows Selina to work with multiple clients at once. To grow her business sustainably, she developed in 2019 a digital version of Eats & Asana that allows Selina to help more people around the world improve their health. Next, she plans to grow her team, pursue public speaking, and create more content for her flourishing community.

“I needed to change my business model and the Rise loan allowed me to purchase the equipment, professional services, and advertising I needed to get my digital program running. I received much more than funding – I also gained an invaluable coach who asked the right questions and taught me to think of my business in new ways.” – Selina