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Social Inclusion Survey 2018

May 2, 2018, Toronto – Measuring Social Impact.  Rise Asset Development (Rise) along with MNP LLP (MNP) is pleased to release its ground-breaking research showing how Rise’s services foster social inclusion for individuals that experience mental health and addiction challenges. This work was supported by LIFT Philanthropy Partners, a venture philanthropy organization that has been working with Rise since 2015.  During the development of Rise’s national expansion strategy, Rise recognized the importance of demonstrating the full impact of its work and that supporting entrepreneurs to run profitable business was only part of the story. Rise wanted to identify its impact beyond individual clients – entrepreneurs with a history of mental health and addiction challenges – to demonstrate broader social impact across Canada.  MNP assisted with the development of a research framework for Rise and executed a survey of over 500 Rise clients across Ontario.  Key results include:

  • 72% of Rise clients feel they are playing a useful part in society
  • 75% agree that Rise has helped to increase their access to knowledge and professional advice
  • On average, Rise clients experienced a 38% increase in income and a 67% decrease in government income supports since their time with Rise

Full results can be found here.

“Social inclusion is about participating in one’s community under conditions that enhance individual potential and well-being, as well as acceptance by different social groups. By helping to measure social inclusion, we hope to enhance businesses’ awareness of the subject of mental health.” – Ed Mansfield, Ph.D., Economics and Research Consulting Leader, MNP LLP

“The Rise Program provided me with a wide range of business advice and peer support, which has helped me to be present and professional in my business.  Rise helps people to succeed despite challenges with mental illness or drug addiction.”  – Apanaki Temitayo Minerve (Multi-media artist, Art Facilitator, CAMH).

“LIFT was thrilled to be able to support this valuable research for Rise which will help the organization both prove and improve social inclusion outcomes.   Being able to measure how your organization has made a difference in the lives of others is an important first step of enhancing organizational performance as well as innovation.” – Bruce Dewar, CEO, LIFT Philanthropy Partners