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Tara Omorogbe

More than a decade ago, Tara Omorogbe took a quiz that told her she wouldn’t make a good entrepreneur. Life, however, taught a different lesson, and today, Tara’s lived experience is at the heart of her business, Articulate Tee.

In both 2013 and 2016, Tara experienced homelessness. Living in Toronto’s shelter system, she saw how quickly mental health challenges, addiction, disabilities, and poor choices could derail lives. Ultimately, earning a scholarship from TD & WoodGreen and completing a Human Resources diploma helped Tara overcome homelessness. But still, she couldn’t let go of a burning question: Why, so often, does it take experiences like homelessness before people can get access to personal development services and life skills training?

She decided to start Articulate Tee, where she curates personal growth strategies to help people with challenging socioeconomic backgrounds become the best versions of themselves. Articulate Tee offers workshops on topics such as conflict resolution and diversifying revenue streams, and Tara offers keynote services on themes like manifesting success.

As a single mother diagnosed with several serious mental health conditions, Tara says, “I am still on a journey to recovery, and I use my lived experiences to connect with my audiences from a place of authenticity and openness.”

Tara has received support from Rise through the My Start-Up program, run in partnership with Elizabeth Fry Toronto. Currently, she’s focused on building her brand presence and authority in the self-development sector.

As for the 10-year-old quiz that told her business ownership was the wrong move?

“I was on a mission to prove that quiz — and myself for believing it — wrong, and Rise helped me do just that! I now live my life fearlessly and without inhibitions.”